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  • Hpht Crystal Synthetic Lab Grown Diamond
  • Hpht Laboratory Grown Synthetic Diamond Stone Rough Pear Cut D Color White Vvs Clarity
  • Factory Wholesale Igi Certificate 0 55CT D Vs2 3ex Lab Grown CVD Hpht Polished Synthetic Diamond
  • for Wholesale Tembo Synthetic Hpht CVD Lab Grown Loose Diamond
  • for Making Jewelry with Super Quality Hpht Lab Grown Diamond Loose Gemstone
  • Hpht Loose Lab Created Diamond 6 5mm 1CT 2CT 3CT Round Cut
  • Lab Grown Stone Diamond
  • 1 CT Vvs D Color Round Igi Jewelry Loose Diamond Lab Created Diamonds
  • Wholesale 1 13carat Igi Certified Lab Grown White Marquise Cut Diamond Loose Diamond
  • Igi Certificate 1carat F Si2 Lab Grown Diamond White Emerald Excellent Cut Loose Diamond
  • Fg Purity Vs 1 5X3mm Loose Diamond Hpht Lab Diamond
  • Lab Grown Loose Diamond Polished Diamond of Different Sizes
  • 0 5-0 59 Carat Hpht Lab Created Polished Loose Diamond
  • Uncut Hpht Rough Lab Grown Diamond Emerald Shape Cut 1 0CT 1 50CT 2 0CT
  • Loose Hthp Synthetic Polished Top Quality Gra Certificate D Ef Vvs
  • Def Color Vs 1 3mm Man Created Made Loose
  • 6 5mm White Loose Lab Diamond Hpht Diamond
  • Not Enhanced 1 80 mm to 2 50 mm Size Vvs Clarity D-E Color White Hpht Synthetic Lab Grown Polishing Loose Diamonds
  • Wholesale D Color 3ex Cutting Vvs Single Crystal Synthetic Polished Diamond
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